Excessive packaging in supermarkets is a burden to the consumer, to society and to the environment. Even recyclable packaging wastes energy and resources in manufacture, transport and processing. We want supermarkets to reduce their packaging to the minimum necessary. aims to record the worst packaging excesses and ‘name and shame’ the offenders.



Supermarket chains have increasing power over our lives. Many of us have little choice but to shop at them, at least for a proportion of our food requirements. The chains use their oligopoly to foist packaging upon us that few of us want.

We are the concerned public. We want to exercise our right to decide what we buy. We don’t want to pay for a polystyrene tray when we just want four peaches. We don’t want to carry home and dispose of moulded plastic containers we didn’t ask for. What happened to paper bags? What happened to buying what you need? What happened to ‘waste not, want not’? Something has gone wrong, and we believe marketing is responsible.

With this blog, we plan to chart some of the worst packaging excesses, and ‘name and shame’ the offenders. We also want to introduce how pacific locksmith can help you in times when you left your keys at home or inside your car. We welcome your contributions: email the ‘webmaster’ at and send your photos or stories of packaging excesses. We look forward to hearing from you!